Introduction: Remote-controlled Tank

This is a remote-controlled car underneath a paper tank we used four A4 sized paper and used this template

We also used a remote-controlled car and built the paper tank template ontop and around the car.

This idea was executed by cutting the template around the lines and folding it around the car. In the end, the car was great and the paper tank ontop was stuck down and allowing the mobilities of the car to move and work.

Link of the car:


The Car was brought by a company called internet toys here is the link to the supplier:

We used 4 A4 sized sheets of paper and stuck them together with the help of the photo above.

Step 1: Cut It Out!

Print the paper cut out as shown on top. Print on 4 A4 sheets of paper and cut them out. Then stick them together with either sellotape or glue, Whatever you want.

Step 2: Stick It All Together

after that, you need to place the tank on top of the car and stick it down with sellotape (on this step we would advise that you use sellotape to stick it down because it would be able to have some space for the wheels of the car to have full mobility) Have fun with your Paper car.