Introduction: Renault Sport RS Clio II Mk 2 172 182 Steering Wheel Rubber Replacement Thumb Grips Install Instructions Fitting Guide

Symptoms of fault

Steering wheel rubber thumb grips worn, melted, damaged, disintegrated or split spoiling the look and feel of the steering wheel.

The problem

The rubber steering wheel thumb grips wear / melt ruining the look and feel of the steering wheel.

It is very common for the thumb grips on the steering wheel of Renault Sport models to deteriorate and ruin the look of the steering wheel and the vehicles interior as a whole. The original thumb grips are made from a poor quality rubber and deteriorate quickly when toughed or exposed to sunlight / heat. Until now the only solution has been to replace the steering wheel for new at vast expense, unfortunately the grips on the OEM steering wheel just deteriorate again.

Vehicles affected

Clio II Mk 2 Renault Sport RS 172 1999-2006

Clio II Mk 2 Renault Sport RS 182 2004-2006

The solution

Fit our replacement thumb grips and improve the look of the steering wheel instantly.

Our replacement grips can be fitted extremely easily and will improve the appearance and feel of the steering wheel instantly. Molded to the exact shape of the original part these grips are a perfect fit. Simply cut away the old grips and glue our new grips in to place, please check out our instructions and videos showing how to do this, there is no need to remove the steering wheel to repair. Our grips are molded from a tougher rubber than the originals, we made a conscious choice to make these from rubber as they maintain the original look / comfort of the original part which plastic or carbon items at a much higher cost fail to do.

What you’ll receive:

2X Thumb grips, 1 for each side of the steering wheel.

Available exclusively from X8R Ltd

Step 1: Remove the Old Thumb Grip

  • Start by removing the old thumb grip from the steering wheel using a small flat bladed screw driver or pick.
  • Slot the pick or screw driver in the gap between the thumb grip and the steering wheel, taking care not to damage the steering wheel.
  • Pry back the remains of the original thumb grip until it starts to lift, then work your way around the grip and remove it slowly.

Step 2: Remove the Remnants of the Old Grip and Glue

  • Using a flat bladed screw driver pick out any leftover remnants of the old grip or glue - both of which will need to be removed to allow the new grip to seat correctly.

Step 3: Apply Glue

  • Apply glue in the groove of the steering wheel, running the glue all the way around the groove and the center part of where the grip sits (as shown in the images) - making sure to keep away from the leather part of the steering wheel.

Step 4: Fit the New Grip

  • Offer up the new grip to the steering wheel
  • Make sure the thumb grip is sitting correctly on the front and back
  • Once you're happy with the way it's seated on the steering wheel, hold in place for up to 30 seconds to allow the glue to set.
  • Repeat this process for the second grip.

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Please also check out our instruction guide on YouTube.

Installation is carried out at installers risk, if unsure please contact us or a professional, X8R Ltd cannot be held responsible for any adverse result of installing this product or any injuries caused by install, if in doubt ask a professional. All images and texts are copyright X8R Ltd 2013