Introduction: Renault Trafic Vauxhall Opel Vivaro Nissan Primastar Rear Back Bumper Protector Cover Trim Protection Anti Non-Slip Scratch Tread Strip Guard Install Instructions Guide

The Problem

The rear bumper on these vehicles is often scratched, dented or generally in poor condition.

Rear bumper scratched, dented or in poor condition. This is particularly noticeable on vehicles with a colour coded bumper. This damage is often caused when walking in / out or loading materials / tools in to the van cargo area.

It is normal practice to step on the bumper when loading the van this can cause further damage and the bumper can become very slippery.

Symptoms of the fault

Rear bumper scratched, dented or damaged. Slippery when wet.

Vehicles affected and compatibility

Renault Trafic 2001-2014

Vauxhall Vivaro 2001-2014

Nissan Primastar 2001-2014

Our bumper protector will fit vehicles both with parking sensors and without.

Our Solution

Install our hard wearing high traction bumper protector and restore the look of the bumper

Install our heavy duty rubber composite mat and instantly improve the appearance of the rear bumper.

Our bumper protectors are constructed from the same rubber mating commonly used on boats and Jet skis, it is very grippy and becomes even more grippy when wet providing great traction when stepping on the bumper. Ideal for trades vehicles!

Constructed from our unique formula. It’s UV stable, flexible and when heated moulds to the shape of your bumper and is very hard wearing providing a great alternative to metal or plastic bumper protectors that become slippery when wet.

Backed with 3m brand adhesive, simply peel back, heat and install. Providing a perfect grip.

Custom cut to perfectly fit your vehicle. Install is very easy please check out our instructions and video.

You will receive

1x Bumper protector

4x Large 100% isopropyl alcohol de-greasing wipes.

Step 1: Clean Rear Bumper

Firstly clean the vehicle as you would normally, ensuring any dirt is cleared from the rear bumper and rear door seals.

Using our alcohol wipes, wipe down the rear bumper to remove any chemical residues.

Step 2: Align the Mat

Align the mat on the rear bumper. You can draw a line down the middle of the mat and marry this up to the door join to centralise but it is up to you how you wish to position.

Some install the mat pushed right back to the door seals others further forwards towards the bumper edge, it is entirely up to you.

Step 3: Stick Down Mat

Peel off a small part of the backing paper from the middle of the mat and position on bumper. By doing this if at first you don't align as you wish you can remove easily.

On cold days we recommend heating the bumper and mat with a hot air gun prior to sticking down.

Stick the mat down.

Step 4: Heat Mat

Using a hot air gun heat the mat, this will enable the mat to mould to the shape of the bumper and properly grip.

This completes the repair. If you need any further guidance on this install or would like to purchase the parts shown please call us on +44 01843 446643 or email us at Please also check out our instruction guide on YouTube.

Installation is carried out at installers risk, if unsure please contact us or a professional, X8R Ltd cannot be held responsible for any adverse result of installing this product or any injuries caused by install, if in doubt ask a professional. All images and texts are copyright X8R Ltd 2018.