Introduction: Repair Automatic Door

My automatic door had been making some noise for a long time. But there came a day when it stopped working despite the engine was rotating.

Step 1: Started to Disassemble

I started to disassemble without knowing where the problem was but the fault was where the photo is shown.

At first I only saw a bad bearing, I changed it without any problem getting it in a hardware store.

Step 2: The Main Problem

When taking time working with the rotated bearing, a gear was spent, this was very difficult to achieve, so I tried to do it with a 3D printer.

To make 3D designs I use the inventor, you can use any other.

Step 3: First Prototype

The first design worked but it made some noise, I noticed well and the teeth are not perpendicular and must have a hole to fit the spindle.

I leave the .stl file uploaded but if it is needed in another format I can send it.

Step 4: Final Gear

El equipo final fue este, hecho en petg con una pared de 3 mm y un relleno del 45%.

Cuando lo puse en su lugar, hice un nuevo tablero de papel e hice mucha grasa.

Espero que alguien ayude, la impresora que utilicé es una Ender3, es muy útil para hacer el trabajo en casa.

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