Introduction: Ultralight Bike

He estado en bicicleta durante muchos años, especialmente en ruta. Últimamente veo muchos más fanáticos y cada vez se gasta más dinero en una bicicleta mejor.

Este proyecto se me ocurrió hacer una bici lo más ligera posible sin gastar mucho dinero, unos 1200 euros. Ya que la tendencia es ahora el freno de disco y la caja de cambios electrónica (más pesada y más cara).

Al final he conseguido una bicicleta completamente completa (con pedales) en menos de 5,8 kg, 1 kg menos de lo que permite la norma UCI.

Step 1: Frame and Fork

The lightweight fork and frame sets are quite expensive, to fit my budget I have not been able to buy what I would like.

I found this set used for € 262.5€I'm 180cm tall and bought a size 54. Being a large size also adds a bit of weight. After sanding everything, I have managed to lower 115gr, leaving the set at 1.1 kg.

To remove the paint I have used the sandpaper in the image, with the green sponge a matte finish is left without being scratched.

Step 2: Groupset

One of the lightest groupsets for road bikes is the Sram Red. I chose the 10s because it is cheaper and lighter.

For the cranks I bought the Sram Red Gxp, the right ones for this frame.
if I bought a frame for BB30 I could get a little lighter cranks.

For the rings I put 52-36 but I also have a smaller size 50-34 about 20gr lighter

I have lightened all the components but trying not to lose much resistance. For this project I bought a drill kit with different heads, I used one or the other according to the material to be drilled or polished.

Adding the whole set I have spent 355€.

Step 3: Brakes

For the brakes there is a lot of variety in terms of weight, I could put Sram's (good braking but a bit heavy), then there are gourmet brands but the price is very high. In the end I decided on a Gravity Zero, the braking is not the best but using good shoes they brake well.
I got them for 50€ and 30€ the brake shoes.

Step 4: Components

The handlebar buy it new on aliexpress. There is quite a variety of carbon by 20-30€. To take weight off I trimmed 2cm at the end of each end.

I had the handlebar post at home, it's an aluminum ritchey but I bought the six titanium bolts.

The seatpost is also from aliexpress, I cut it just for my height and I also removed the varnish in the same way as the picture.

The saddle was given to me, it is a few years old but it is striking because it is all carbon, it is not the most comfortable but it looks nice and it is very light.

The pedals are Shimano Dura Ace. Comparing price and weight they are not bad, also they are already the ones I used on another bike. 90 euros used.

Step 5: Other Components

All of these minor components are from aliexpress. There is a lot of variety so I do not put specific links.

The bottom bracket is for GPX cranks and BSA thread.

The seat post clamp I had problems with the first one (it was carbon and it broke me) so I bought this one made of titanium and aluminum.

To tighten the steering I bought this very light kit. The bottle holders are carbon, very thin. I don't like them very much because they squeeze a lot.

For the cable sheaths I bought these that have a plastic vein and aluminum coating, they weigh half that of the usual ones.

Step 6: Wheels

Light wheels are very expensive, I took advantage of a rear FFWD that I already had at home and for the front I bought one for 90.

The cassette I put the sram red 11-26, very light, it cost me 45.

To tighten the wheels I bought in aliexpress the lightest I found, titanium. They are tightened with an allen key.

The wheels are for tubulars, to make them as light as possible I bought track ones, Tufo elite> 160.

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