Repair Damage Speaker

Introduction: Repair Damage Speaker

In next steps i will show to you how i repair damage speakers.

Step 1: Buying Parts

Select correct size and tyoe for you damage speaker. For example

Step 2: How To..

You need replace foam edge and a good neoprene glue.
Clean cone surface and aply a fine film of glue on speaker and foam. Wait for five minutes and adjust it to right position. press it and wait some a few hours to mounting.

Step 3: Its Working Now :)

Now its working in good condition . Try it.!!

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    2 years ago on Step 1

    In my opinion, You need to tell people how to center the cone, or else the coil will scratch against the magnet. Repairing a speaker is MUCH more complicated than this.
    (sorry for the language, my English is a bit rusty) :-)


    Reply 2 years ago

    This speakers have other strong dust coil protection that help centering the cone, i don't find any issue and it's working