Introduction: Repair Steam Irons

This instructions are to help to identify the problem and fix the good working of steam system.

This steam iron is not working proplerly and do not generate steam on water deposit - The lihght of steam is permanently off

The geral of this irons have the same working system and it is possible use this instrutions to other brands manufacturers

Be careful !! Be careful !! You you will do it by your own

Step 1: How Disassemble and General Safe Instructions

  1. Disconnect from power source
  2. Remove water from deposit
  3. Identifing all screws, clips and open it

Step 2: Identify Components and Working Mode

1. heat resister: work when all circuit is closed,

1.1 thermal fuse: safety fuse that melt when the other controlers faulty

1.2 thermal switch: open if base increase to 160ºC (first cold run or when finish the water inside tank )

2 Normal work: steam is generated when water is heated to more tham 100ºC , the production of steam is controled by increase of pressure inside steam tank. the pressure switch open the circuit when pressure increase

The pressure drops when steam valve is open by normal user action from iron

Step 3: Testing Components

In cold state the following components are closed and pass on continuity test with multimeter .

test continuity:

fuse: fault ( need to be replaced)

thermal switch: ok (needs funcional test)

pressure switch :ok

Step 4: Fuse Is Open - Why??

In normal work temperature not increase to 227ºC melt temperature of safety fuse.

Why it happen?? If Thermal switch do not open circuit at 160ºc and temperature increase indefenidly

Thermal Switch working test: the normal state of thermal switch is closed and it is possible to heat manualy it to verify if it is opening with multimeter in continuity test.

- Replace it with a new 160ºC thermal swicth, normaly this is the component that fail most the times , it have a mechanical life time and it is importante use one with good quality.

Step 5: Assemble All Parts and Close the Case

After fix it and assemble all parts it will work properly.

Re-fill with water and connect it to the power, water will start to heat and steam light will indicate that is now ready to work.

I hope that it's help you

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