Introduction: Repair Your C-Pap Mask

The tab broke on my c-pap mask so a new $39.50 elastic head band was out of the question that and it was Friday night and the Dr, has to write a script so you can get one and that wouldn't happen on the weekend so I got creative.

Step 1: Finding a Replacement Plastic Buckle

So after searching for a replacement 1 button plastic buckle and couldn't find one at any local shops I ended up at Dollar Tree and got 2 medium dog harnesses, and cut the plastic buckles off of them.

Step 2: Attaching the Buckles

So to attach the buckles I used so small cable ties as there are some already small holes in the mask, put one through the first hole, add the clip, thread it through and pull about half way through to form a small loop.

Don't pull tight or you will have trouble getting the second one in as there is no extra room to move things around as you mite break the plastic mask.

After inserting the second cable tie you can then snug them into place and as you do the new buckle will go up inside and get firmly in place.

Cut the excess cable tie off and check for sharp edges around the ties.

Step 3: Finished

There you have it all done for under $3.00 and fifteen minuets of time.