Introduction: Repairing a Cargo Carrier

I have a Thule sidekick cargo carrier that seems to have a factory defect. The brackets that the lock hook around are too low and the locks don't reach. I figure this will be an easy fix. Lets take a look.

Step 1: Remove Bracket

First I removed the plastic caps from the rivets on the outside of the carrier. Then I drilled out the old rivets and removed the bracket.

Step 2: Drill New Holes

The original holes are too low so I need to drill 2 new ones higher up. I put the holes so that the top of the bracket would be just about level with the edge of the carrier.

Step 3: Rivet the Bracket

I riveted the bracket into the new holes with a rivet and also a washer to add a little extra support. I had to rivet from the inside because I couldn't really get to the holes from the outside. For weather reasons I'm going to put some clear silicone on the holes and also the outer rivet in case there may be a gap.