Introduction: Repairing a Broken Loop on a 2002 Vintage Ford Key Fob

In this Instructable, I will show how to repair a remote control key fob that has a broken plastic loop. I will show how to replace it with a piece of wire formed into a loop.


1) 4" long piece of gold colored jewelry maker's or hobby wire #18 AWG

2) Methyl Hydrate or Isopropyl Alcohol

3) Paper towels

4) Hobby Knife

5) Long nosed pliers

6) Electric drill with 1/8" bit

7) Side cutters

8) Electrical Solder

9) Fine sandpaper (120) or steel wool (000)

Step 1: Take Broken Key Fob and Cut Off Broken Pieces at Bottom.

Cut off broken plastic pieces with a pair of side cutters and smooth surface down with 120 grit sandpaper or 000 steel wool.

Step 2: Separate Upper and Lower Pieces of Key Fob.

Separate upper and lower pieces of key fob and take the battery and rubber membrane out. Wipe everything down with alcohol including battery terminals and battery. Make note at how battery sits in holder. Taking a picture is the best way to remember.

Step 3: Drill Two Holes in Button Piece.

Drill two holes at an angle in button piece from the inside. The holes are 1/8" in diameter and are 1/2 inch from each other center to center.

Step 4: Take Piece of Wire and Form Into a Loop

Take the piece of jeweler's wire and form into a loop on one side. Install in button piece where you drilled the holes. Take the pieces and put them through the holes from the inside. Take the two sides and bend them together immediately outside the outside of the plastic piece without crossing them. With the other end, form a loop like the eye of a needle and solder the two ends together with two pieces running alongside each other for a half inch. This increases the strength of the loop.

Step 5: Put All the Pieces Back Together.

After cleaning all the pieces with alcohol and wiping them dry, snap everything back together. It should now form a strong and secure connection to your key chain.

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