Introduction: Repetition

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Project Overview:

In this lesson the main layer will grow into a new shell for the crustacean to use as a home.

Step 1: Repetition

The main layer of the shell is going to be made of several objects. These objects should vary in size, shape, and color. All of the objects should fit inside of the wheel that is already on the workplane. The wheel is a guide that will also help with dividing the space and with symmetry. The image shows how the main layer can affect the final result.


  1. Position the camera so that you can select all of the objects that make up your main layer without selecting any parts of the wheel. Group them together. In the inspector, check the box next to Multicolor to keep the original colors. Choose Edit>Duplicate. Steps 2-4 need to be done without deselecting the group.
  2. Move the duplicate up on the Z axis. It doesn't have to be moved much. If it begins to separate from the original group too much, lower it back down.
  3. Rotate the new layer 137 degrees on the Z axis.
  4. Holding SHIFT, scale the group down. The amount should be small, no more than 10mm.
  5. Now choose Edit>Duplicate again. If nothing happens, delete the copy and go back to step 1. If the group wasn't deselected then all of the changes will be applied to the new copy. Keep choosing Edit>duplicate until your layer is about 2mm tall or until you reach 10-12 copies.
  6. Select all of the objects and group them together.
  7. Choose multicolor again.
  8. Rotate the group on its side, 90 degrees on the Y axis.
  9. Position the camera to see the crustacean and select it plus the hole object. In the inpsector, click the padlock to unlock the objects.
  10. Move them into the wide end of the shell.
  11. Select the hole object and shell. Group them together.
  12. Share the results with your neighbors. Is theirs different than yours?

Step 2: Congratulations!

Congratulations, you have completed this project!

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