Introduction: Replace Letters (or Make Bigger Letters) on Computer Keyboard

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Simple office hack to replace letters on an otherwise functional keyboard.
1. White Out correction fluid
2. Black marker
3. Keyboard with letters worn off
4. Scotch tape or clear packing tape.

Step 1: Cover Key With White Out

1. Cover the key that is worn out with the White Out.
3. Be sure the whole key is covered.
2. Wait for the White Out to dry completely.

Step 2: Write Letter on Key

1. Once it is dry, using an intact keyboard diagram as reference, write the letter of the key on the White Out with the black marker
2. Wait for the marker to dry before using.
3. Tip: Since the whole key is covered in White Out, use the extra space to make a large letter that takes up the whole key.
4. If you don't have White Out, other replacements could be regular paint or nail polish.

Step 3: Place Scotch Tape Over Keys

Once the keys are dry, place a small piece of scotch tape over them to cover the letters. This will help the keys from getting dirty and will also protect the white-out/marker on the keys. At times the white-out will get a little moist and cause the keys to become sticky.

You can also use clear packing tape as well if that is available.

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