Introduction: Replace Upper Screen for Nintendo 2DS XL

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My youngest daughter has the tendency to break things. So here's my second Instructable on replacing a screen.


2DS XL with broken upper screen
#00 Y Screwdriver (tri-wing)
#000 Phillips Screwdriver
Heatgun or Hairdryer
Plastic Pry Tool
Small Knife (I used a Leatherman Micra)
2DS XL Replacement Screen
Here's the one I purchased:
The tools ARE NOT included

Step 1: Remove Bottom Case

1. Using #00 Y screwdriver, remove 4 screws from each corner.
2. Using plastic Pry Tool, separate bottom casing carefully. Do not pull too far apart as there are 2 plugs and 1 flat cable connected
3. Using plastic pry tool, pop up "lock" for flat cable and slide out. Remove plug from each side of back case.
4. Place back case to the side and be wary of volume slider as it can fall out

Step 2: Remove Battery and Battery Mount

1. Using plastic pry tool, pop out battery. It is held with some two-sided tape, but will separate with enough pressure.
2. Remove 2 #000 phillips screws from battery mount. Pop out the thin red WiFi wire
3. Remove plastic battery mount and separate from WiFi wire

Step 3: Separate Connectors

*Working from Left to Right*
1. Pop up "lock" on left flat cable. Slightly pry up circuit board to completely remove flat cable. (This is the screen cable and will be replaced)
2. Pop up "lock" on next to flat cable and slide out.
3. Remove plug on the right

Step 4: Remove Hinge Cover

1. Remove 2 #000 phillips screws from plastic hinge cover.
2. Remove Hinge cover being wary of the very thin red WiFi wire

Step 5: Separate Upper & Lower

1. Using a small knife, carefully coerce the hinge pin out. Take note of the direction and top side of pin. It will matter when putting back together.
2. Once the hinge pin is out, you can work the hinge bushing out. The upper screen flat cable is rolled into the bushing as well as the red WiFi wire and you must keep it that way to slide it out.

Step 6: Remove Upper Back Cover

1. Using a heat gun, warm up the back to soften the adhesive
2. Using a plastic pry tool, begin to lift plastic
*Disclaimer: Nintendo really didn't want you to remove this, so the plastic will warp and never look the same. Do your best not to melt, twist or ruin it. Or you can replace it with a decal/skin or some other creative idea. I used a piece of vinyl to replace it

Step 7: Separate Upper Case

1. Remove 4 #000 phillips screws
2. Using pry tool, separate upper case. There are tabs all the way around so don't pull too fast or case will crack.

Step 8: Remove Broken Screen

1. Using heat gun, warm up old screen
2. Use pry tool to separate old screen from case. Be careful not to scratch front plastic.

Step 9: Replace Screen

1. Clean front plastic.
2. Use heat gun to warm up adhesive again
3. Place new screen carefully being sure to orient it in the same direction as old screen

Step 10: Close Upper Case

1. Roll flat screen cable around WiFi wire and slide into the hinge. Use hinge bushing to hold it together
2. Carefully snap two pieces of the case together being sure the flat cable stays rolled inside hinge
3. Replace 4 phillips screws
4. Install plastic piece or your creative replacement (I used black vinyl that I already had in the house)

Step 11: Reattach Upper & Lower Cases

1. Keep the screen cable rolled and inside of hinge bushing, slide the assembly into the respective side of the hinge
2. Once the other side is in, align hinge hole and reinstall hinge pinge. There is a specific direction it must face
3. Reinstall hinge cover and 2 screws

Step 12: Reconnect All Cables and Plug

*Starting from Left to Right*
1. Slightly pry up circuit board and slide new screen cable under and through its respective slot. Install cable and lock
2. Slide 2 flat cables into their respective connectors and lock
3. Connect the plug

Step 13: Reinstall Battery Mount & Battery

1. Align thin red WiFi wire with plastic battery mount
2. Reinstall 2 screws to battery mount
3. Reinstall battery aligning "+" & "-" to their correct locations

Step 14: Reinstall Back of Bottom Case

1. Reconnect flat camera cable
2. Reconnect small button connectors to each side
3. Being very aware of volume slider, close lower case. It should snap together with nothing binding
4. Reinstall 4 #00 Y screws

Step 15: Play!

1. Power up your Nintendo 2DS XL and play some games!