Introduction: Screen Replacement Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (Kids Edition)

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After receiving a frantic call from my 5 year old while I was at work about a "smashed" tablet, I decided to try my hand at replacing the screen.

Step 1: Required Items

☆Items Needed:
•Tablet with broken glass
(In this case it is a Galaxy Tab 3, but steps are similar for other tablets)
•Replacement Screen Kit
I purchased this one:
Prokit Adhesive for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 P3210 T210 wifi Yellow Touch Screen Digitizer Panel Glass Replacement Part + PreInstalled Adhesive with SlyPry tools kit
The kit comes with a SlyPry metal pry tool, a hard plastic pry tool, a 1.5mm Phillips screwdriver, 2 screen cleaning wipes and a screen suction cup to handle the glass. No instructions were included, hence the reason I am making this instructable
☆Optional Items
•Surgical Gloves
(I did not use them but would recommend them due to ALOT of small fragments of glass)
•Heat gun or hairdryer

Step 2: Separate Case From Screen/Electronics

•Use slim metal tool to separate side case from screen/electronics.
•Be careful around the power and volume buttons.
•While separating, also pry outward to unsnap the case.
•Once you have separated the case, remove screen/electronics assembly.

Step 3: Battery Removal

•We are going to remove the battery as to not cause shorts or surges. also avoid overheating if you choose to use heat gun or hairdryer.
•Use plastic pry tool to remove Battery connector
•Remove 4 screws and store them in the tablet back case. (You definitely do not want to lose these)
•Remove battery

Step 4: Separate Broken Screen

•(Optional)Use heat gun or hairdryer to heat edges of screen to soften the adhesive. I did not do this but it may have made things easier.
•Use slim metal pry tool to separate Broken screen from electronics. Be aware of the "home" button. Do not lose it because kit does not come with replacement.
•Once screen is separated, unplug screen connector and set broken screen aside (garbage).

Step 5: Reattach New Screen

•Place "home" button in correct location.
•Remove protective plastic from adhesive on back of screen.
•Center new screen and press firmly along edges to get adhesive to adhere to electronics.
•Flip to other side and plug in the screen connector(digitizer).

Step 6: Install Battery

•Place battery back in correct position.
•Replace 4 screws.
•Plug in battery connector.

Step 7: Install Screen/Electronics Into Case

•Place screen/electronics into backing case.
•Remove plastic screen cover from screen
•Squeeze screen and case firmly until it snaps together
•Press inwards on case to snap case into the electronics

Step 8: Power On

•Once everything is snapped together, power on the tablet to make sure everything is running fine.
•Install rubber case(comes with the kids edition tablet)
•Make 5 year old happy again because her tablet is fixed.

♡Thanks for Reading♡

Step 9: