Introduction: Replace a Broken Bike Pedal

A simple reference on replacing a bike pedal.

Step 1: Replacing a Bike Pedal

I needed to replace my pedal which just plain broke off on a ride. I wondered which side was threaded in reverse, meaning the opposite of Righty Tighty, & didn't find an Instructable. If you see a problem, be the solution, so here you are.

Step 2: Out With the Old

Removing the broken pedal.

Get the appropriate crescent wrench, 5/8 inch seems common. Rotate the crank to a position from which you can hold the wrench on the pedal nub with one hand, & give the wrench some encouraging whacks with your encouraging tool with the other. My encourager is some pipe scrap, but your ideal tool is a hard plastic mallet.

I'm replacing the right pedal, for your right foot. Standard threading, remove counter clockwise, install clockwise.

LEFT PEDAL is threaded in reverse, so remove clockwise, install cc.

Some semi permanent thread lock is optional, but I wouldn't bother. For one, I've personally never had a pedal work itself loose. More importantly, a quick visual inspection is an important part of your bike safety, & a peek at the pedals should be part of it.

Step 3: In With the New

Hand thread on your donor pedal. With the luck of the scavenger, I found a bike in the trash WHILE walking home my injured bike. The donor is a modern chain-store Magna, reviving a Schwinn at least 30 years old, so let that be anecdotal evidence to give you hope if you're wondering if you can find a freebie.

Tips for free or cheap start with the flea market. Bring your uninstalled pedal post, & ask anybody selling bikes or tools even if you don't see bike parts. Secondly, talk to a scrapper at a gas station or anywhere, including one without a bike in there right now, get their card if they say they'll keep an eye out for you. The whole bike I'm repairing came right out of a nice guy's truck because I asked if he'd sell me the seat post in case it fit my Varsity, & he said Just take the whole thing.

This is my first Instructable, so if you have any questions, you'll have my undivided attention!