Introduction: Replacing Antique Hardware With Epoxy

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We have this antique secretary that was missing a piece of hardware, the keyhole plate. I looked at all kinds of antique places and realized there is no way I would ever find a match. So I made my own…as you will see.


5 minute epoxy

modeling clay

baby powder


Step 1: Roll Some Clay

Roll some clay so it is flat on top. Sprinkle with baby powder. Brush lightly.

Step 2: Press Original Part Into the Clay

Use a small board or something flat to press it in evenly. Tap with a hammer.

Step 3: Carefully Lift the Original Out of the Clay

Use a small screwdriver or pick

Step 4: Repair Any Damage to the Mold, and Add Overflow Vents

Step 5: Mix the Epoxy

Step 6: Fill the Clay Mold

Lay on some waxed paper, and press with a small board. And wait…at least an hour.

Step 7: Dig Out Your New Part

Step 8: Cut Off the Flash and Vents

Clean up edges with a knife and/or clippers.

Step 9: Faux Paint to Match the Original

No one will ever notice. Unless you tell them.

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