Introduction: Replacing Outer Tie Rods.

My outer tie rod boots are both torn. They work great but I prefer a proactive replacement scheme for my car. First step is to raise and support the car on a safety stand.

All associated nuts and bolts for the job I sprayed with penetrating oil.

Step 1: Measure First Then Remove the Outer Tie Rod From the Hub.

I measured the distance between the inner boot and the starting edge of the backing nut. On the side shown for this instructable it's 62mm.

I removed the old cotter pin and castle nut. Using my Hammer I whacked the bolt to pop the arm out.

Step 2: Removing the Outer Tie Rod and Comparing the to New One.

With the help of a spanner to hold the inner rod, I backed off the outer rod. As you can see, the boot is torn.

Step 3: Installing the New.

I coated all threaded and insertion surfaces with bearing grease. The new tie rod went in fine. I repeated the process with the other side and the car now has better outer rods!

I will carry the car for professional alignment soon.