Introduction: Replacing a Bass Drum Lug.

Hi partners out there, well this is my first post, hope you like it and hope could be useful for somebody ; I´ve been doing things from myself a long time ago, but this is the first time I take time to show; I´m an average drum player, and learned things practicing, because I´m very empiric.

Step 1: Well First, This Is the Broken Lug, Because of a Cheap Kit and Hard Playing

it broke, so we´ll need a new lug, usually you can get the original bass drum lug, but we´ll use a double lug.

Step 2: Place.

Well, lug used to be there, so we´ll gonna search the remaining screws.

Step 3: This Is It

All equipment we will need, notice that´s a double lug, is originally form snare drums, but we´ll convert it to a bass drum lug.

Step 4: So We Start.

Taking the tom or toms out, we nedd our Bass drum to be disengaged from any equipment.

Step 5: Disabling the Screws.

after disengaged from toms and pedal or pedals, we got to wind out the crews from the lugs.

Step 6: I�m Double Working.

because there´s a second lug broken, but we´ll see...

Step 7: 1...2..3...

Step 8: Finally Done.

so we did it...with the screws, so we take the ring and head out to start on the real job.

Step 9: There Is It, Ready to Be Worked Out.

Notice the order of the screws, It´s lacking of one.

Step 10: Pop�em Out.

Take out the old screws, or be sure the holes to be open.

Step 11: We Go for Our New Lug.

wind screws out.

Step 12: Like This.

our lug got to be looking like this, so we are targetting that spring in the center, specially the sleeves in tne extremes of srping.

Step 13: Push.

both sides of springs, push it, sometimes get really hard, so if you do it with something else, be careful of pieces to fly.

Step 14: Sleeve.

this is the sleeve we´re taking out, the snare drum screws are different, so we must convert, got find the broken Lug, and search that piece, when you got it, keep it.

Step 15: Seems Shitty.

BUT, we must look for the old sleeve AND spring, because is bigger and brings best results; so we put it like this behind the sleeve, that way it pushes that piece against lug.

Step 16: Remember Is a Double Lug

so it means double sides, then attach the "original" sleeve to it, so it can hold it.

Step 17: Like This

Step 18: Then Attach to the Bass Drum Like This

carefully, when its there, attach it with soft hits.

Step 19: Exactly.

when attached, go for the screws and go to the inside of the bass drum.

Step 20: You Are Getting It.

Do it hard, the hardest you can.

Step 21: Got to Be Like This

after that, you can start to put the head on, the ring, and screws on the lugs =]

Step 22: There It Is!

Like brand new, now we can rock it on!! \m/

Step 23: By the Way, Remember Sleeves Are Not the Same, So Don�t Throw Them Away!

you better keep´em

Step 24: And That�s All...!

well, hope you comment, and liked this post, I did it with dedication and willing it to be useful for someone here, so, keep on hitting hard my fellas!