Replacing a Car's Hvac Blower Fan.

Introduction: Replacing a Car's Hvac Blower Fan.

My car has its blower in service since 1999. Time for a replacement! The first step is to remove it from under the passenger side of the dashboard.

My Blower was held by 3 hex head screws. I used an 8mm socket to get them out. It's a tight fit to reach in there but by sitting on the ground in my garage I got the job done!

Step 1:

The oem blower has lots of leaves inside of it. You can see a side by side comparison of the oem and new.

You can see the opposite orientation of the impeller blades on each. When I tested both, each had the same Rotation but the new one sent air in the wrong direction! I needed to fix this.

Step 2: Swapping the Impellers.

This step was the hardest. I used power lube on both motors. The locking clamp was removed first then a screwdriver was used to push the motor shaft out.

Step 3: Lubricating the Motor and Installing the New Blower.

I always like to lube motor bearings, new or old to ensure long life. With the oem impeller installed the blower was put in and tested. Worked great!

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