Introduction: Replacing a Car's Heated Oxygen Sensor!

Oxygen sensors are important for good fuel economy. The last time I installed one was in 2010. These narrowband sensors over time will give a slower response to the engine controller. Also they will be poisoned if fuel additives are used. I felt the need to put a fresh one in so my car will have better fuel economy.

To remove and install, an oxygen sensor socket is needed. For my manifold a simple spanner would have sufficed. My car has only one active sensor (the top one). Unclipping the wire harness and unscrewing the old sensor was straightforward.

Read on for how I replaced my sensor.

Step 1: Removal of the Old Sensor and Comparison.

It's very easy to remove the old one especially if antisieze compound was applied when it was installed.
You can see the old and new sensors. The new bosch sensor has a different head but it apparently would use less power in the heater and respond faster.

Step 2: Install the New Sensor.

The new sensor already came precoated with antisieze. Very nice!

Installation was easy and now my car has a fresh heated oxygen sensor. I disconnected my battery to clear the engine controller. It will need to remap it's tables for the new sensor.