Introduction: Replacing H7 Oem Headlamps With Led!

I decided that it was time to replace the oem bulbs on a hyundai trajet since night driving became a safety issue in low lit roadways.

I selected the newsun h7 led kit to upgrade the headlights. This kit is 50 watt (25watt per side) 1800 lumen at 5000k which is legal in my country.

Step 1: Installing the Leds.

The led was a bit too big to get into the lamp holder hole. I have no idea why hyundai made the hole 1mm tighter than other cars but if I meet the engineer who made that decision I'm gonna pay that person back in spades. I have installed leds in other cars and never had to widen the hole.

To remove the headlamp assembly, the turn signal light must be removed first and the three 10mm hex head bolts removed.

The right side headlamp assembly had to be removed so I can scrape the hole wider with a knife. Yes I know it's primitive. After 5 minutes I was done and the led fit! I reinstalled the headlamp assembly and secured the led driver and wiring.

The left side was much easier and again I completed my widening works. Damn you hyundai.

Step 2: Powering Up!

The leds worked fine and the tiny cooling fans buzzed their little flow of air. I really don't believe that hot engine air on an led heatsink is gonna achieve anything but time will tell.

Now the hyundai trajet has led headlights that is brighter than oem. I adjusted the assemblies to keep the light on the road.