Introduction: Replacing My Car Deck With a Lepai Amplifier.

For years I have used pioneer decks in my car. They are good equipment but I am moving on to a car automation pc that will handle my music needs. I decided to use the lepai lp-2020+ amplifier for driving my car speakers.

I'm not a heavy music listener and I don't use loud volume. Testing the lepai left me satisfied that it can power the 4 speakers and produce good quality and volume.

Step 1: Removing the Old Deck.

I took out old faithful and removed it's harness I had spliced into my car's wiring. I put some new tags on the wires to help out with any future projects.

I'm glad to move away from the car deck to reduce the parasitic drain on the battery plus I detest pioneer firmware menu layout and controls.

Step 2: Wiring and Securing the Lepai.

The lepai I powered from the accessories wire. Luckily it has quick connect for the speaker outputs. I wired the both left speakers in parallel. Same for the right.

I used 2 bolts with nuts onto the AC duct to secure the lepai.

This configuration won't allow for fancy spacial settings on front and rear but as I said, I'm not a heavy listener of music.

Step 3: Testing and Completion!

The lepai powered up nicely and the music was really good. I tested with some of our local soca and I am pleased.

The final look will occur when I put the automation pc to cover the entire double din area. For now I have no complaints! The lepai lp-2020+ amplifier is a great performer!