Introduction: Replacing Rear Wheel Hubs on the Honda Civic 1999.

Wheel bearings will fail more Often than you think. Both of my rear bearings had failed and wailed like hell once I drove above 50kph.

First step is to remove the wheel and brake drum.

Step 1: Remove the Old Hub and Install New Hub.

Remove the spindle nut cap and use penetrating oil graciously on the nut and inside end of the hub. I used an Electric wrench and 32mm impact socket to remove the nut. The hub should come right off but I had issues on Mine. The inner race of the bearing got stuck on the spindle. A little tapping and plenty penetrating oil got it out.

Step 2: Removing a Stubborn Bearing Inner Race.

The left side hub simply didn't want to come out. After hammering and oil it only came out after I installed the wheel and used it to pull the hub out. The bearing inner race remained on the spindle. It refused to come out.

The only way I got it out was to remove the entire brake assembly and use a knife with a hammer to edge it out. Took me four hours of sweat and bleeding. Finally I had the new hub installed.

A great idea is to use grease or oil on the spindle before installing the new hubs. This makes it easy to remove in the future.

Now my 16 year old car rides quiet and nice. Amazing through all the noise and work my dogs slept right next to the car. Dog life, figures.