Introduction: Replacing Transmission Fluid.

In the hot climate of my tropical home island, it's a good practice to change transmission fluid annually. My preference is full synthetic fluid. It simply lasts long and I have been using various brands for the past 7 years.

Step 1: Removing the Fluid.

For my wife's car, the drain bolt is seized stuck. To remove the fluid I use the dip stick pipe.

Step 2: Suction Action!

I used a hand pump to remove the fluid into spare bottles. These I disposed of properly afterwards.

Step 3: New Fluid!

Using a funnel I put 4 quarts back into the transmission. I turned on the engine, let it warm till the radiator fan came on and put the gear in in all selections as per the manufacturer instructions. Finally I put the gear in neutral and checked the dip stick. Verifying the proper level on the dip stick the job is now done!