Introduction: Repotting My Beautiful Adenium (Desert Rose)

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I love Adeniums for their interesting forms & beautiful flowers & have been growing 1 on my patio. This is all about repotting my Adenium obesum, aka Desert Rose, into a low, wide bowl. See the materials used & steps taken.

Step 1: Remove the Adenium From the Grow Pot.

I did this by turning the plant on its side & gently stepping on the grow pot. I came right out like a dream!

Here’s the mix I use which is nice & chunky. It consists of prococo coconut coir chips, pumice & compost – adeniums love it!

Step 2: Put the Coffee Filter Over the Drain Holes & Add in the Mix to the Desired Depth.

Repotting is best done during the growing season, not while it’s dormant.

Step 3: Place the Adenium in the Pot.

Step 4: Fill in With the Rest of the Mix & a Couple of Small Handfuls of Compost.

Step 5: Let the Plant Settle in for a Couple of Days Before Watering.

I love my Adenium and can’t wait to see it grow and develop into a fascinating form. In the video, I said that I would show an Adenium which retails for $1400 but I was mistaken. Oops – it’s selling for $4000. Isn’t that baby fabulous?!