Introduction: Reptile Makeup Tutorial

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To turn yourself into a lizard, you will need:

  • face paints (I'm using Wolfe Brothers FX Palette & Kryolan Aquacolors)
  • pigmented, blendable eyeshadows in black, brown, different shades of green, yellow, and purple
  • liquid eyeliner (I'm using Kat Von D Ink liner pen)
  • contact lenses (I'm using a pair from
  • fishnet stockings
  • mascara
  • translucent powder (I'm using RCMA No-Color Powder)
  • a variety of makeup brushes

Step 1: Base Layer

Begin by applying primer and then painting your whole face (and neck and chest if you're doing these too) with a medium green shade. I began with a layer of Kryolan Aquacolor in white (because that's all I had) to give something to the pigment to grab on to, then applied several layers of a bright green from my Wolfe FX Palette until the color was completely opaque. Alternately, you could use a green Aquacolor or MAC Chromacake, or paint your face white and apply green eyeshadow all over. Set with a dusting of translucent powder-- my favorite is RCMA No-Color Powder.

Step 2: Outline Wrinkles & Features

Using a small detail brush and a dark green eyeshadow, outline wrinkles and features. I made an angry face, and then filled in those wrinkles and folds. I then added a wide nose outline, extra eye and cheek wrinkles, a dimple in my chin, and extra-wide nasolabial folds.

Step 3: Add Depth & Highlights

Once you are happy with the shape of your wrinkles, details, & folds, go over them with an even smaller detail brush and black eyeshadow. Then, using a small fluffy eyeshadow brush and a light touch, use some dark brown eyeshadow to add depth, blend, and soften the lines. Then lightly blend some yellow eyeshadow between the contours to highlight.

Step 4: Add Scales

Now comes the part where you get to look like some kinda sexy bank robber! Stretch the fishnet stockings over your face and secure in back so it doesn't move. (I used a hairclip.) Using a blush or powder brush, heavily apply dark green eyeshadow to your face through the fishnets all around the face and below the cheekbones. I used the same technique with a lighter green eyeshadow for all the areas towards the center of my face, but it didn't turn out very noticeable. I would recommend starting with a black eyeshadow towards the outer edges of the face and below the cheekbones with a dark green eyeshadow towards the center of the face, then going over the whole thing with a shimmery green eyeshadow.

Step 5: Apply Eye Makeup

First, put in your contact lenses. Mine are from in the style "Yellow". Cat eye lenses would also be really great for this look!

I kept the eye makeup relatively simple, blending a bit of yellow shadow in the inner corner for highlight, a shimmery green on the lid, and a bright violet on my lower lashline and in the crease. I then waterlined my eyes with a kohl pencil, and applied a cat eye (pointed on both the inner and outer corner) liner using my Kat Von D Ink pen. Finish with black mascara, and lashes if you're so inclined.

Step 6: Apply Lips & Done!

Using a black lipstick, creamy eyeliner, or even face paint or liquid liner, define your lips. However, instead of overdrawing them like we usually do, you're going to draw them within the lines and extend them outwards and down. Also, draw right over your Cupid's bow in a straight line. Set everything once more with a dusting of translucent powder, seal using something like Final Seal if you're so inclined, and go hither to slither!

Also, this would be a really badass Hulk makeup if you skip the scales step. Just sayin'.

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