Introduction: Repurposed Ski- Firewood Rack

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Here's a use for your old Downhill Skis. Make a really solid, rustic firewood rack. You'll need an old pair of skis (downhill). Cross Country skis aren't strong enough for this purpose. Also, a 16 inch length of 4 x 4 furniture grade wood. (I used kiln dried pine which is actually 3,1/2 x 3,1/2.) Also, 8, 1/4"x 1,1/2 inch lag screws.

Step 1: Cut the Skis

Measure 26 inches from both the tip and the tail of each ski and draw a line on the face side of the skis.

Method 1: Cut with a compound mitre saw set to 45 degrees. That's two cuts per ski with the angle facing back from the finished side as shown in the photo. CAUTION: SKIS CONTAIN METAL SO WEAR SAFETY GLASSES. USE A FINE TOOTH CARBIDE BLADE AND GO VERY SLOWLY OR YOU'LL HURT YOURSELF OR BREAK A SKI OR BOTH!

Method 2: Go old school with a mitre box to get the 45 degree angle. Use a hack saw for the cut. It will go through the metal edges and wood or composite material of any ski. Much slower but definitely safer.

Method 3: Alternatively, you could cut them off square, no 45 degree, angle using a hack saw, or a hand grinder with a carbide or diamond wheel. It won't look as professional but 99% of people won't even notice.

Step 2: Measure and Drill Ski Pieces

Measure 12inches from the cut side on the non- face side of each ski piece and draw a line. Next measure 1 inch and 2.5 inches below the line in the centre of each piece and mark these two dimensions. Drill 1/4 inch holes on these marks directly through each piece.

Step 3: Make the Cross-piece

Cut your 4 x4 piece of wood. Take the time to sand and prime it. You may even want to paint, stain, or varnish it at this point.

Step 4: Mark and Drill the Cross-piece

Align the 12 inch line of the tips of the skis with an edge of the cross-piece. Sides of the tips align with the sides of the cross-piece. Mark the hole locations and number the tips, and their location on the cross piece. Put a mark on the cross-piece at the insides of the ski tips so you'll know where to place the tails. Do the same with the tails on the adjacent side of the cross piece. See the photos. Numbering the parts will allow everything to line up perfectly on assembly. Drill the cross piece at each mark with a 3/16" drill bit.

Step 5: Assemble

Assemble with the lag screws but don't tighten fully till everything lines up. I painted my cross-piece with two coats of Fusion Coal Black Mineral Paint before assembly but any finish that matches the skis or your decor will do.