Introduction: Repurposing Old Computer Headphone Into a Microphone

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Good Day.

I’ve found this headphone with microphone lying around. I tested it and microphone is still fine while the headphone was not. I already have myself a new pair of headphone and I don’t want to throw this away. And then I came up with an idea of re-purposing the old headphone with microphone into a desk microphone. That way I can record my voice especially during video calls and voice lessons J

Step 1: Procedure No. 1

I get rid of the metal backbone, extending plastic tubing, 1 speaker housing and the 1 audio speaker of the headphone. I kept the other one because the microphone is intact to the audio speaker.

Step 2: Procedure No. 2

I used this fancy container that I made using a rolled cardstock and a camera base to contain all the electric components. I paint the rolled cardstock

Step 3: Procedure No. 3

I used a hot glue to seal off the housing of the microphone

After that I polish the cardstock with a 2 coats of clear paint.

Step 4: FINAL

Finally I tested it and recorded some sounds and the microphone is working good and it has a new purpose for my work routine.

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