Introduction: Responsibility Chart

Help young children make being responsible for themselves fun. This is an easily created project from very few supplies like cardboard, clipart Makey Makey, and Scratch code (that you are able to remix). The Scratch code will add the fun interaction that will encourage young ones to be responsible.


* Cardboard

* Tape/glue

* Cardstock

* Scissors

* Aluminium Foil * Makey Makey Kit * Computer (to run Scratch) with USB socket

Step 1: Create Your List of Responsible Activities

Determine which Responsible Activities you wish to have on your board.

Type them on your computer. Print

Type clipart to match your activities (making sure that you resize them to fit). Print on card stock.

Type your Title. Print on card stock

Step 2: Cut Cardboard

Determine what size cardboard you will need. This will be determined by how you plan to lay your project out.

I wanted to have one for Morning and Afternoon so I decided to place both sheets of paper down and left myself extra space for the clips and clipart.

Carefully cut the cardboard out to size.

Step 3: Cut Clipart & Title Out

Cut your Clipart and

Title pieces out carefully.

Carefully tape or glue Title and Responsibility List down on the cardboard.

Step 4: Cut Strips

Cut strips of cardstock and cover them with foil carefully making sure that you leave a space where the foil does not touch.

Fold covered strips in half with foil sides facing together.

Tape or glue Clipart emojis to the top side of the folded cardstock (this will cover side where foil is not touching).

Step 5: Attach the Makey Makey

Attach the Makey Makeyalligator clips to the foil side of the cardstock to cardboard.

Bed Made - Up

Breakfast - Down

Teeth Brushed - Right

Lunch/Backpack - Left

Positive Attitude - Space

Earth - Foil

Step 6: Scratch

Using Scratch ( code a program to add the Responsibility List as each trait is touched. Or you can use the one I did at and feel free to remix it if you want to save it to you own account. Connect the Makey Makey's USB cable to the socket.

Step 7: Responsibility Task Completed

When you complete a Responsibility task, with your finger on the earth button, touch the Responsibility Task completed and listen to your reward. Goal is to complete all Responsibility Tasks everyday!

Step 8: Responsibility in Action

Short video of project.