Introduction: Responsive Soundbars for Speakers

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Hi everyone,

On this Instructables, I will explain how I manage to add responsive soundbars to my Z200 Logitech speaker.

I think this project will work similarly on other types of speakers.

The main idea is to fix the sound bars in my direction, but also to power them permanently.

This project is non-destructive for the speakers, all can be disassembled invisibly. The soundbars are held to the speaker using magnets, so they can be easily removed for use elsewhere

Check the end result on my desk at the end of this Instructables.


To make the custom soundbars for your speaker you need :

Required tools :

  • A soldering iron
  • A 3D printer
  • A glue gun
  • Some screwdriver
  • A cutter
  • A pair of pliers
  • A wire stripper

Optional tools :

  • A Dremel
  • A multimeter
  • A 3r hand
  • A vice

Step 1: 3D

To fix the two soundbars to the speakers, you will need :

  • 6x Mounting bracket
  • 3 per speaker
  • 1x Magnet guide
  • Makes it easy to position the magnets

You can find the STL files attached below.

Step 2: Disassemble and Drill the Speaker

To power the two soundbars, it is necessary to have access to the 5V power supply from the speakers. Only the speaker with the volume button need to be disassembled.

  1. Unscrew the 8 screws
  2. Pull the volume button to remove it
  3. Unscrew with pliers the nut of the volume button
  4. Dislocate the two parts

Now you have to drill two holes to then pass the two power cables. (Check picture 5)

Step 3: Prepare the Cables

Using the two power cables sold with the soundbar, cut them at two different lengths :

  • One cable with the USB type C at the end of 30 cm
  • One cable with the USB type C at the end of the maximum length

Strip 3 cm of the cable sheath and 4 mm on each wire.

I have a 32-inch computer screen, so the maximum length is too short to go behind my entire screen. I extended the cable using the rest of the previous cable as well as heat shrink tubing. (Check pictures 4,5 & 6)

Step 4: Solder the Cables

The end result should look like the picture 1, with a small cable and a large one.

Follow the steps below :

  1. Pass through the two holes the two cables
  2. Follow the same cable path as the picture 2
  3. Solder the 4 wires (Check picture 3)
  4. The two white on the two furthest welds (GND)
  5. The two red on the nearest weld (VCC 5V)
  6. With the glue gun, put glue on each hole, on the welds and to hold the cables (Check the pictures 5 & 6)
  7. Assemble the speaker

Step 5: Mounting Bracket

/!\ During this step, pay attention to the polarity of the magnets.

The end result should look like the picture 1, with 3 magnets on the soundbar and 3 magnets on the 3 mounting brackets.

Follow the steps below :

  1. Using the vice, put in force the magnet inside the mounting bracket (Check pictures 2 & 3)
  2. Cut 6 pieces of double-sided tape and glue each one on each mounting bracket (Check pictures 4 & 5)
  3. Using a cutter, cut the extra off the double-sided tape (Check picture 6)
  4. Put the magnet guide on the soundbar and put the 3 magnets (Check picture 7)
  5. Remove the magnet guide and add a little bit of superglue on each magnet (Check picture 8)
  6. Put back the magnet guide on the soundbar and put some pressure on each magnet
  7. Remove the magnet guide (Check picture 9)

Step 6: Assemble the Mounting Bracket

The last step is to assemble the 6 mounting brackets on the speakers.

The mounting brackets are made with a 20°angle to rotate the soundbar in the direction of the user.

When you stick all the mounting brackets, try to keep the same angle as the speaker.

Now it's time to connect the cables to each soundbar, and put back the speakers around your computer.

Step 7: Final Result

Check the video attached to see the end result.

I am happy with the look it brings to my desk, the final aspect is amazing !!

Have a nice day !

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