Introduction: Restore Game Boy or Similar Electronics

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First of all, Thank you for checking out my tutorial! You are awesome.

Second, I put a lot of time into the YouTube video so watch it too, it explains it all.


Step 1: Materials

Note: Read and follow all safety instructions. Use gloves and proper PPE.

You will need:

An old Game Boy or similar electronic device.

Phillips head screwdriver

Tri-wing screwdriver

91% Isopropyl alcohol

40 volume creme developer

UV light

Hand Held Legend Screen Mod

Step 2: Clean the Game and Console

The first thing to try is to use isopropyl alcohol on a Q-Tip and clean the game and the connector pins on the Game Boy. This will remove oxidation and create a better connection.

Step 3: Open and Isolate the Case

Use the Phillips head and tri-wing screwdrivers to open the case and set aside all the electronic and metal parts. And keep the screws in a container since they are very small and easy to lose.

Step 4: Clean Plastic

The Game Boy I have was covered in sharpie so I wore gloves and used a cloth with Isopropyl Alcohol to scrub off any markings.

I then used Goo Gone to remove the dried adhesive.

Then I washed the plastic case and all the smaller pieces with soap and water.

Step 5: Remove Yellow From Plastic

They put bromine in plastic to make it less flammable but when exposed to uv light from the sun, overtime that plastic turns yellow.

We can reverse this process with hydrogen peroxide and a uv light.

I wore proper ppe and spread this 40 volume creme developer over the plastic then put the part inside a zip lock bag to prevent it from drying out.

I then put all the parts inside a box with a uv light and closed the lid. I let it sit there for 14 hours.

Step 6: New Screen

Honestly, the original Game Boy screen is pretty bad when compared to today's screens.

I found this awesome kit from Hand Held Legend.

The case needs to be prepped by removing the red plastic I marked in the picture.

I removed the original speaker and soldered it on to the new board. That's all the soldering needed.

Then I snapped the screen to the smaller circuit board and taped the screen in place.

I added back the buttons, screwed the board down, reattached the ribbon cable, and screwed it all together.

Step 7: Finished!

I cleaned the screen protector and added the included double sided tape to hold it in place.

I was beyond impressed with how well this turned out that I had to share my experience with you so maybe I can help or inspire you in some way.

Thank you for watching and see you next time!