Introduction: Restore and Maintain Butcher Block Counter

I decided to try using my counter top as a cutting and prep surface. My butcher block island counter had been stained, so I removed the stain and prepared the surface.

Step 1: Stained Surface

A dark stain remained on the cutting surface.

Step 2: Planer

I started with a planer to remove the top layer of wood. The stain penetrated fairly deeply, so this process allowed me to remove large portions quickly.

Step 3: Complete Planing

The surface was a little rough after planing and in the places with many knots a few gouges remained.

Step 4: Belt Sander

A belt sander with 80 grit paper smoothed the surface. Because there was a snow storm and I have no garage I created a clean room with painters plastic and sealed it off. It was like a sand storm inside, but contained all the dust, keeping the surrounding room spotless.

Step 5: Block Sander

I hand sanded with a block and a few finer grit papers, then wiped the surface clean with a damp cloth.

Step 6: Oil Surface

I experimented with mineral oil and mineral oil with wax. Both seemed to work well.

Step 7: Restored Butcher Block Surface

Surface in restored condition.

Step 8: Maintain the Surface

Scrub the surface with a hot soapy water.

Step 9: Rinse With Hot Water


Step 10: Sanitize With Vinegar

Use vinegar to sanitize the surface and let stand for a while.

Step 11: Citrus Salt Scrub

Make a paste with lemon juice and salt and scrub the wood surface. This helps with odors. Allow to dry overnight.

Step 12: Oil Surface

Remove salt from the surface and wipe clean. Coat with mineral oil.

Step 13: Complete

Time to cook.