Introduction: Restoring an Old Vise!

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Hi makers, this is my frist instructable so good luck to me =).

This vise was from an elderly man who lived next to the house where I grew up to. I visited that place a few weeks ago and gained from his relatives some tools that it would rust.

So, lets restore that and give a new life for the tool =)

Step 1: Tools You Are Going to Need.

  • some oil
  • thick steel wool
  • thin steel wool
  • iron sandpaper or a drill with a wirebrush
  • kitchen soap or any soap that you can remove the oil well
  • heavy duty paint for iron**

** i'm from Brazil so i'm gonna put the kind of the paint for BR, US and CA.

you can find it in your country with the name:

Brazil - Esmalte sintético externo(para ferro)
US - Hammerite
Canada - Tremclad and or Rust-Oleum

Step 2: Clean That Mess!

First you need to get rid of the thick dirt and rust.

let's disassemble the vise.
it's not a complicated thing..its just 1 screw. keep turning the handle bar to open the vise till the arm get lose from the body ( the arm of the vise, note your! don't turn that thing much)
ps: if your arm get lose, go see a doctor immediately!

well, i washed and rubbed with a brush to remove most of the dirt and then let it dry a bit.

Step 3: Removing the Old Spirit​.

Now we removed the dirt and the thick rust, its time to remove the old paint and thin rust from it.

you can use sandpaper for that, but will take a loooooonnng time to get rid of i used the drill with a wire brush to clean it.

put some oil on the vise and then start to rub first with the thick steel wool, than sandpaper, the thinn wool and now probably you get rid of the rust and the old paint till you can see a nice surface for the new paint.

Step 4: Wash It Again!

If you removed the most of the paint and all of the rust, congrats buddy!

now your hand are tired and covered in oil...i know that feeling bro.

Lets wash the vise with some soap to remove the oil remaining and let it dry so we can paint it.

Step 5: I'll Take the Black Shield, Thnks.

So, with the vise dry we can start painting.
keep in mind to use a heavy duty paint otherwise the paint will come off while you hammer, saw etc.

Put 1 or 2 layers of the paint and....yeah...see the paint dry, the most exciting part of the tutorial =D.

Step 6: What Is Done Is Done!

Now you have a beautiful new vise to compose your workshop.

Thats it, hope you guys like it.
till next time =)