Introduction: Retro Electric Bike

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This is a custom pedal/electric bike I designed and built for school. This slideshow shows the start to finish build of the project.
I am doing Metal Fabrication Engineering along side a boiler making apprenticeship. I am looking to head into custom electric motorbikes or the automotive fabrication area after my apprenticeship and maybe one day have my own shop.
Location: Melbourne, Australia.
Inspired by the bikes from the 30s and 40s with a touch of WW2 Japanese Zero Fighter.
Bike Specs.
Frame: 4130 Chromoly
Swing arms and Front end: 6061 Aluminium.
Tank and Fenders: Aluminium
Leaf Spring Suspension
181 Hand cut pieces
30 parts
86 Bolts.
600+ hours over 16 weeks
Materials and parts $2500 AUD
Electrics : 500w 36v Front Hub 3 X 12v 12Ah AGM SLA Batteries Control and cycle Analyst from