Retro Upcycle Stereo to a Bar That Lights Up




Introduction: Retro Upcycle Stereo to a Bar That Lights Up

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I like to take old furniture and repurpose it into new things. In this instructable ill show you how i made an old stereo into a funky retro bar area.

Things you will need

Stereo console

4x wooden legs

4x leg brackets

colored acrylic sheeting



2x small painter lights with bulbs

pl construction adhesive clear

tools screw drivers, saws , hammer, drill ect. These are dependant on the stereo you pick . I only had to use a screw driver , skill saw, drill and hammer


blik graphics

1X lumber



shelve brackets and bars

Step 1:

First you completely gut the stereo. You may leave shelves inside depending on design. Ive had stereo that are easy to gut and some with about a million screws to remove, just take your time. Im showing a pic of another stereo im working on where i have knocked out the speakers. I took a knife and cut the fabric, then hammered them out. This will be the light up portion later. Since my stereo was too low to be a bar i bought 4 leg brackets and legs from lowes. The brackets attach with 4 screws, then the legs just screw in. The legs i got were unfinished, I opted to paintem with orange spray paint, but you can stain or just leave them natural too.

Step 2:

In the back of the stereo/bar i cut 2 holes for 2 small painters lights to light the acrylic. I ran an extension cord connecting both lights to a remote outlet to make it easy to flip on and off.

Step 3:

I measured the speaker holes and order acrylic sheeting already cut to fit from there are tons of colors and thicknesses. I used pl clear construction adheasive to glue the pieces in the holes where the speaker were. I also added blue accent pieces.

Step 4:

EXTRAS i ordered a wall decal from framed it in stained 1X lumber and added adjustable shelves and brackets from lowes to put my liquor on display.

Step 5:

I also lined the inside with felt, just cut to fit and glue it in. Finally you got a funky party area for entertaining that costed very little, with a minimal footprint in your space. Drink and enjoy!!!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank You. I did forget in my instructions that i line the inside with felt for glassware too