Introduction: Monster Wood Cut Out Art

I wanted to show you can make some neat things out of wood with just basic handtools. Yes this is way easier with things like a scroll saw or router, but with some patience you can achieve the same results.


Tools: coping saw, keyhole saw, utility knife, chisel, hammer, clamps or vice, miter box

Supplies: wood glues, wood various thicknesses, paint,

Step 1: Come Up With a Plan

I like using faces and cartoons for this style. Think what sticks out further. Example your nose sticks out most then your bows and lips. Draw a plan of which pieces you want thicker than others. In this design I used 1/8 for the base. 1/8 for thinner additions and 1/4 thick on thicker pieces

Step 2: Get to Cutting

The base face piece I roughed in with a miter box saw to leave a smaller edge for coping saw. Using a coping saw takes practice. you need to have the wood clamped or in a vice. cut outside edges first, never cut the piece off the bulk of the wood till last. It much easier to cut on a bigger chunk that trying to do a small piece. There with be edges you cant clean well on smaller pieces with the saw. In those cases use sand paper to smooth what the saw missed. In this case the base head took about 2 hours to cut and sand. Face pieces about 5 or 10 min each. Thicker wood cuts easier.

Step 3: Cutting Away Pieces

I wanted the mouth recessed to give this depth. I scored the edges with a chisel. In the corners I used a utility knife to score it. I then pushed the chisel to take layers of the wood off till even. The scores help keep you from chiseling parts you dont want too. I sand papered it after to make it more even

Step 4: Cutting the Pieces

I put paper over the initial drawing than made templates. I cut these out and used them to trace each piece. Again you may have parts the saw misses like in the pic. Use sand paper to clean them up. Dry assemble to ensure pieces all fit correctly

Step 5: Finally Paint and Assemble

When I paint mine, I like to put a black edge on the pieces. Make them really pop out 3d. I rough paint it all with acrylics. then use paint pens for details. Really makes it easy to get clean lines. I used wood buttons for his warts. The wood glue it all together. Optional: I mounted mine to a scrap piece of wood painted blue. Then framed with scrap 1x2 stained and brad nailed in. You can always hang the face with no backing. You can use this process to make 3d video game , scifi, or cartoon characters of your choice. Happy crafting.

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