Introduction: Reuse Hot Glue :Custom Soldering Iron Tip

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If you use hot glue guns, you probably know how much leftover glue can end up in your waste bin after each craft project. Dripping glue gun is probably the major reason for the waste.

Stop throwing them away !
With this simple soldering iron hack you could save a lot.!
It’s treasure from trash♻️❕

Safety first
‼️‼️Always wear necessary safety gears ‼️‼️While handling sharp and hot items like scissors and soldering iron.


Safety gears (recommenced)
A piece of thin metal sheet(I used outer-casing of a battery) (you can use any other scrap metal sheet,eg: soda can)

Soldering iron
Scissors(to cut metal sheet)

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Let’s Focus on recycling and reusing things.♻️♻️
I have used an outer-casing of a AA battery to make my custom tip(you could use a soda can)
It is strong enough and easy to handle cut with a normal scissors.

Gently use a screwdriver to remove the outer casing of battery.
‼️‼️‼️Cation avoid chances of fire and explosions while handling a battery‼️‼️

Step 2: Make It Flat!

Use a hammer to make the casing into a flat sheet.

Step 3: Cut Into Size

Draw a line 2.5 cm from one side
Cut along the Line .

Step 4: Roll the Piece

Roll the piece into a cylinder so that your soldering iron can slide in.

Make sure it fits tight enough so that it enables maximum heat transfer to the tip and it won’t fall off. Use hammer and pliers to roll. Watch out for your fingers...

Step 5: Make the Tip!

Finally flatten one end of the cylinder about 1 cm from the edge to make the tip.

Use pliers to press it into a flat-head and the hammer it gently.

To make application of glue easier slightly bend the tip at an angle.

Step 6: Final Touches

Insert the tip on to the soldering iron To preventing it from falling off while working you could fasten it with some thin metal wires ...

Step 7: Enjoy Reusing ♻️

Heat up the iron.
Use the tip to melt small pieces of hot glue by placing it on the hot tip.

Tip : use a forceps to place bits of glue on the hot tip.

Tip : you could use this to make perfect edges joined with hot glue in your projects.

Hope this will be helpful for your future projects...

Thank you for reading

Step 8: How to Use?

Heat up the iron.
Place a piece of hot glue at the tip (use of forceps/tweezers recommended).
The glue will melt.
Apply where required.

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