Reverse Engineering Simple Sheet Metal Brackets (From a Volvo S70)

Introduction: Reverse Engineering Simple Sheet Metal Brackets (From a Volvo S70)

I decided to help a friend replace the radiator in his Volvo not long ago. Mistake 1! Since jacks and stands are nuisances, we decided to skip them and contort under the bumper and around the still draining coolant to reach the various elements of the radiator for removal. Following the first result we found using the formula "*vehicle* *component* *action*" or "volvo s70 radiator removal" we started getting into the nuts and bolts of the ordeal. One of the items for removal was a pair of radiator support brackets the first of which was initially proving to be rather stubborn. Mistake 2: everything can be resolved with more force. *Pop* Ah, there it goes. *ratchet* *ratchet* hmm, it's getting tough again... a glance from above told of our folly.

//Recovery 1: for another day. we proceeded to go mountain biking.
// you can ignore the back story above

And here we are! Recovery 2! we should fix this... Thankfully, we're at TechShop ( and this, coincidentally, I've taken the angular sheet metal class and know how to use these heavy tools that are too big for the basement I don't have! So, I made this at TechShop, and it would have been a heck of a lot longer to finish if I didn't.

Let's see what we have. A disclaimer! Of course! Here it is: You're on your own. Good luck and Godspeed. (Curse that turbo piping hose clamp!)

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