Introduction: Ribbon Velcro Customizable Wire Organizer

Velcro organizer are most of the time being sold as Pre-Cut Item and is Very Expensive with very limited color.. With this project, you can customize the size of the Velcro as needed and with unlimited desired color ranges.

Step 1: You Will Need...

1. Selected durable Tape Ribbon with your Desired Color...

2. Velcro with Adhesive, Available at any Hardware store..

3. Scissor..

Step 2: Lets Start

Measure the Needed amount of Tape Ribbon

Interlace Tape Ribbon along circumference of the wires to be organize,

Depending on the needed Strength, allowance must be given on both ends of Tape ribbon for the Velcro.

The Amount of Velcro will determine the Binding Strength,

Cut with Scissor as with the Desired Length ..

Step 3: Then...

Cut the Adhesive Velcro according to the allowance given of the Tape Ribbon.

Step 4: Simple to Do

Attach Velcro pair on one End of the Cut Tape Ribbon

Attach the Velcro pair on "the other side end" of the Cut tape Ribbon

Give particular attention on alignment off Velcro and Ribbon

Press hard to secure Adhesive.

Step 5: Done..

The Finish Item should look like this...

Step 6: Enjoy

Use as Desired