Introduction: Ribeye Chicharron, Volcanoes and Bacon Jalapeno Dip

This is not a traditional way to cook a steak, and many will say it is a waste to cook such a great steak like that, but let me tell you, as a matter of fact, this is a great way to cook a ribeye! Not only is not your traditional 2 inches medium rare steak, it will have some magic ingredients (salt, pepper and bacon fat!) that will make this recipe one of your favorites once you try it.


1 lb boneless Ribeye steak
2 avocados
1 lemon/lime
6 bacon strips
8 jalapeños
8 oz cream cheese
Corn tortillas
Mozzarella cheese
Two iron skillets
Charcoal grill

Additional nice to have ingredients:
Some greens to grill (asparagus, green beens.. be creative!)

Step 1: Light Your Grill!

This should be the very first thing to do! You can go back and prepare your ingredients while the charcoal is starting.

Step 2: Prepare Guacamole Side

Smash the two avocados in a bowl, add some salt and the juice of a lemon/lime.

*** I added some leftover sausage I had, just to give it more flavor.

Step 3: Preparing Your Volcanoes

As simple as it sounds: Add chorizo and cheese on a tortilla.

Step 4: Prepare Bacon Jalapeño Dip Ingredients

Slice the 8 jalapeños and cut the 6 bacon strips into small/medium squares.

Step 5: Prepare Your Ribeye Chicharron Ingredients

Cut the steak into 1 in cubes and add some salt and pepper to season your steak.

Step 6: Cooking Your Bacon

Now, that your charcoal is ready, is time for you to start cooking your Bacon Jalapeño Dip. Start by frying the bacon on the iron skillet.
Remove after a couple minutes without fully cook and put it in a second skillet.
We are using the bacon fat to fry our ribeye cubes after.

Also this is a good time to add your greens. I seasoned mines with olive oil and lemon pepper powder.

Step 7: Complete the Bacon Jalapeño Dip

Add the jalapeños to the second skillet with the bacon on it. Let them cooked for about 4-5 minutes and then add the cream cheese. Stir all the ingredients until the cheese cream becomes softer and blend with the jalapeño slices and the bacon.

Step 8: Cooking Your Ribeye Chicharron

Use the bacon fat leftover to fry your ribeye cubes. Be sure that your skillet and fat is hot enough so you can have a nice caramel crispy cover on your small cubes, leaving some tenderness in the center. Be cautious because there is a thin line between having crispy and tender bites and overcooked bites.
Dry all the extra fat out of your chicharrones.

Also in this point, you can start cooking your volcanoes, just put them in indirect fight and let them cook slowly until the chorizo is cooked. The cheese will melt almost immediately if you have a good amount of heat in your grill.

Step 9: Enjoy!

After all these steps, you are ready to enjoy, I'll dare to say, one of the best alternative ways to prepare a ribeye steak.
Use a corn tortilla, add some guacamole, put two or three chicharron bites top with the Bacon Jalapeño Dip and enjoy!

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