Rice Bag

Introduction: Rice Bag

So this rice bag does great in the microwave, and the best use comes when you have sore shoulders this is my first instructable.


Scissors, rice, sock string, and needle is optional

Step 1: Step 1

So first you will want to open the sock. Then you grab your rice. You can add as much rice as you want but remember this has to be able to close. Fill the sock around 3/4 full.

Step 2: Tying It

Once you complete step 1 you will want grab your string and at the top tie a knot around it Step 2 is pretty simple.

Step 3: Optional Sew

So if you want to sew it, then fold the access above your knot,and sew to keep it closed better

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    Tip 1 year ago

    You can put it in the microwave for 1:30