Introduction: Ridgid Gen5X 18v Hack to Use a Makita 18v Battery

So why would you buy a brand new light to hack it apart? I have a ton of Makita tools and I don't want to switch to another company for my LED lighting. Ridgid makes the best 18-volt battery light. This thing has a great dimmer and it is super bright it is far superior to any Makita LED light. As a bonus, it can also be plugged into a standard 120 extension cord to run when the battery is dead.

( I was able to alter the light and get it back together in about 15 min)


Materials Needed:

Ridgid Gen5X light (bought new)

Makita 18v older tool (not working)

Makita 18v Battery ( working )

2 - 90 degree spade connectors

Step 1: Time to Open Up the Ridgid Case

Open the Ridgid back case 6 screws. We need to remove Ridgid battery holder, there are four screws, pull these off. Then the battery holder will come off easily. cut the wires close to the battery holder so that you have long leads to attached the Makita battery holder.

Step 2: Cut Off Old Battery Mount From Your Donor Tool

This step is pretty straight forward make sure no battery is in the unit. I cut mine off with a hack saw. You will need a flat surface for mounting the battery holder to the plastic for the Ridgid light.

In this picture you can see the spade connector locations.

( this unit can also be 3D printed, you can also use any other 18 volt battery and holder if you fancy)

Step 3: Position the Makita Battery Holder

Determine the best location for the Makita battery holder. Strip back the cut wires and connect in the spade connectors. Test the light to make sure you have the polarity set up correctly.

I used 4 pop rivets to secure the Makita battery holder to the rigid frame.

Step 4: Screw It Back Together

Screw the whole thing back together and install the battery.

Enjoy the excess amounts of light coming from the Ridgid light and the convenience of the Makita battery.

I get a few hours on a 4.0 ah battery. This is by far the best Makita light on the market now.