Introduction: Ritz Thin Mint Cookies

This is a fun to make and delicious treat, created by dipping Ritz Crackers into a chocolate mixture. The perfect desert to give away as a gift, bring to a party, or just enjoy yourself! This recipe will produce anywhere from 80-120 cookies.

The ingredients you will need to make these are:

1) Two 10 ounce Bags of Chopped Andes Mints

2) One 52 ounce Bag of Chocolate Chips

3) One 13.7 ounce Box of Ritz Crackers

The tools necessary to make these are:

1) A medium to large microwave safe bowl

2) A microwave

3) At least 2 feteWax Paper

4) Tongs (A fork or spoon will also work)

Step 1: Mixing Your Chocolates

The ratio of chocolate chips to Andes mints should be about 50:50. We use the entire 52 oz bag of chocolate chips and both 10 oz bags of Andes Mints. Pour these bags into your bowl.

If you would like the mixture to be mintier, just add less chocolate chips.

Step 2: Microwaving the Chocolate

Put the bowl into the microwave and heat for 1-2 minutes. Take the bowl out and stir it to make sure it melts evenly, then if it is still chunky, put it back in for another 1-2 minutes. Repeat until smooth.

Note: Be careful, as the chocolate and bowl will both be hot! Make sure you have a oven mitten to take the bowl out of the microwave.

Step 3: Dipping the Cookies

Before you start dipping the crackers in the chocolate, lay out a decent sized piece of wax paper. About 2 feet will give you plenty of room to start.

Next, drop some Ritz crackers into the chocolate mixture. Use your utensil of choice to make sure all the crackers are submerged. Pull the crackers out one at a time, letting the cracker drip any excess chocolate back into the bowl. Then place evenly onto the wax paper. Repeat the dipping process until you are done, using more wax paper whenever is needed.

If a cookie is missing a layer of chocolate in a spot or two, you can also take the excess from another cookie and drip it on those missing spots.

Note: If you give each cookie too generous a coating of chocolate, you will end up with less cookies.

Step 4: Let Harden

Let the cookies sit and harden. They will need about 2 hours to harden total.

After 40-60 minutes, the cookies will be hard enough to pry off the wax paper and move.

At this point, you can speed the hardening process up by putting them in a refrigerator or freezer. After placing them in the freezer, they only need another 10-15 minutes to finish hardening.

Step 5: Enjoy!

The cookies are done!

Wrap them up for later, package them up for a gift, or just eat them right away!

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