Road Brew: Brewing While Road Tripping

Introduction: Road Brew: Brewing While Road Tripping

As a musician moving across the country, I booked a tour, my truck loaded with everything I owned. A few thousand km in, I realized I could start my carboy up with infused with all the goodness of a cross-Canada road trip. So I did! My Homecoming Tour became my Homebrewing tour! This is a simple idea/ instructable with tips on how to brew while traveling. The potential is great and really depends on your trip. You could do a cider, a berry wine, or do what I did, and infuse a ready made kit with something tasty and brew-friendly: Introducing Road Brew a Double Cooper's IPA with a side of Hashbrowns.

Step 1: Decide and Sterlize!

Figure out what you want to make and sterilize all equipment following standard homebrew protocol. There's tons of folks way keener than I on this for you to look up. I do suggest adding something special and local from your trip, or evocative of it though. I added hashbrowns to my beer because you can't drive 7,500 km without hashbrowns. (Sans salt or grease though, because that would kill the yeast and taste gross)

Step 2: Airlock of Vodka!

Because you are brewing in a vehicle, with all the indoor air pollution, dog fur and whatnot that exists, use vodka to fill the airlock. It will kill nasty things that could sour the batch. Water is not good enough, distilled or not.

Step 3: Secure the Booze!

I bungee corded my brew in the rear seat of my truck. This is super important because a 23L carboy will definitely shift position in a sudden stop, or fast turn.

Step 4: Drive On, Friend!

Keep on keeping on your road trip. I've heard that vibration increases fermentation, so it's possible your brew might stop bubbling earlier than the kit's instructions.

Step 5: Prime, Bottle and Enjoy!

Depending on what you made, follow those instructions for priming and drinkability. As you savour your sweet homebrew you made on your trip, you can tell your friends all about your trip, and then drink your trip too.

Note: I'm not sure what would happen if the cops pulled me over and asked about the carboy. "Um, well it's not actually alcohol yet sir..." That didn't happen, but if it ever does I will update with exciting new details of ROAD BREW! Cheers.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting concept. I would assume that hard turns or sudden braking would be shoot your brew out of your airlock, but in further thinking, if you used a 6 gallon carboy (or larger) for a 5 gallon batch, you would be OK. It looks like you wrapped your carboy to prevent light from skunking it?