Introduction: Road Trip: Atlas Journal

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With the road trip becoming a favorable way to go on vacation, I thought it would be cool for anyone who wanted to have a journal for their trip to be able to print a Road Trip Journal or make their own!

I think kids would enjoy the journal as they see new places and can share with others their journal from different vacations and road trips. I am going to put mine in the atlas I have in my car as I drive on vacation, once I am to my destination I can add a few of my memories to my journal.

I took photos of an old atlas, reduced the opacity, and put them into a document by each state in alphabetical order and created a journal with maps of each state on the page!

You can make your own or download my black and white version, or my Full Color version or the Road Trip Journal. Enjoy!



Old atlas

Google docs

Photo editing software

Step 1: Take Photos and Reduce Opacity

With a camera, I took a photo of each state.

In a photo editing software program i cropped and reduced the opacity of the photo.

Step 2:

In google drive, using Google slides I put the back ground as the edited photo and put text for each slide. Hint you can make the slide the size of a paper, 8.5 by 11 inches.

Exporting the slides as a PDF, I created my downloads.... enjoy the Atlas Journal!

This journal is the black and white version.

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