Introduction: Roast Beef Bacon Sandwich

The Roast Beef Bacon sandwich is an easy make lunch that goes great with any sauce you desire during your lunch break.The sandwich is full of different delicious flavor mixes. It is great for all of those meat lovers out there. It Is a simple but different and delicious sandwich to add to your day.


For the Roast Beef Bacon Sandwich you will need

1. Pretzel buns

2. Sliced cheddar cheese

3. 3 pieces of bacon

4. 6 slices of roast beef

5. 1 piece of lettuce

6. Mustard

Step 1: Preparations

Put your bacon on the stove and cook according to package (Better crispy bacon with the sandwich) while you get out the rest of your supplies for the sandwich and set up on a plate.

Step 2: Adding the Meats

Open your pretzel bun on a plate and place a single slice of cheddar cheese on the bottom bun. Add the 3 slices of bacon on the cheese in a row and then add the 6 slices of roast beef on the bacon.

Step 3: Adding Toppings

On my sandwich I like lettuce and mustard but the sandwich is good with so many different sauces and toppings. I have found that a 5 by 5 grid of sauce tends to taste best with the sandwich. I would also recommend tomatoes and avocado slices.

Step 4: Enjoy

Close the buns to the sandwich and take a big bite. Enjoy the Roast beef bacon sandwich.

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