Introduction: Roasted Salted Pecan Nuts

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This is easy recipe for... you guessed it, Roasted and salted Pecan nuts. I learned that recipe from a friend's mum, named Yafke Aviezer, who pas away some two years ago. that Instructables is in here memory.

Step 1: You Will Need:

Raw pecan nuts still in their shell.

Plain all purpose flower.


Heavy chopping board.


Roasting tray.

Drop of water.

And oven, of course.

Step 2: What to Do.

With light blow from the hammer, crack open the nuts. You don't have to completely shelled the nuts but, make sure they are well cracked.

Once you cracked them, put them in the roasting tray.

Scattered some flower and salt on the nuts and mix (I trust you to use a resendable quantity). Then, drizzle some water on top.

Now, you don't need to drown the nuts, just enough to wet the flower and the salt, to enable them to stick to the nuts.

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Step 3: Is Were the Magick Begins.

Pre heat the oven to 149 degrees C (or for the Americans, 300.2 degrees F), then put the tray (with the nuts, of course) in the oven and bake for exactly 30 minutes (or for the Americans, 30 minutes).

Then, take the tray out and let it cool down until you can handle the nuts with bear hands.

Step 4: Actaly the Magick Begins Now.

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Once cold, you can start eat the nuts (but shelled them first) straight away or, you can store them for later use. To store them, just put them in a sealable lid jar. Doing so will keep the roasted nuts fresh for several weeks.