Introduction: RoboDog

I made a robot that walks with Jansen's mechanism and uses ordinary materials. The Jansen's linkage is a leg mechanism designed by the kinetic sculptor Theo Jansen to simulate a smooth walking motion.

Step 1: Materials

  • A4 cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Hot glue (optinal)
  • Tooth picks
  • Drinking straws
  • AA battery holder
  • AA Batteries
  • On/Off switch or 3 position switch with 6 pins
  • Wires
  • Electrical terminal connectors
  • Bicycle spokes (or hard wire)
  • metal washers
  • 6V gearmotor(about 60rpm)
  • Galvanized plate (about 10 x 10 cm)
  • MechaRobo assistant (optional)

Step 2: Motorbase

Cut a rectangular plate about 10 x 5 cm and fix gearmotor with an U shape bridge on it

Solder two bike spoke on base, the distance between spokes must be 8.5 cm. The rotary shaft of gearmotor must be about 8 mm over the base.

Step 3: Legs (segment A)

  • Download pattern
  • Print pattern on the cardboard
  • Cut A segment, fold and glue as shown


Step 4: Legs (segment B)

  • Cut B segment, fold and glue as shown
  • Use three tooth picks for the reinforcement moving part
  • Cut F segment, fold and glue. use two metal washers for reinforcement
  • Puch F segment and fix to B Segment as shown

Step 5: Legs (segment C)

  • Cut C segment and fold
  • Puch and make a hole
  • Place and keep a drinking straws in hole and glue as shown

Step 6: Legs (segment D)

Cut D segment, fold and glue as shown.

Step 7: Connecting Segments

  • Connect segments A,B,C and D together
  • Use two strip to connect segment B to other segments
  • Make other three legs

Step 8: Tail Base

  • Cut a rectangular plate about 10 x 2 cm
  • Solder three electrical termial connectors on the base

Step 9: Crankshaft

  • Use a bike spoke to make crankshaft
  • Make crankshaft straight as possible
  • Pass crackshaft through the hole of washers as shown on picture

Step 10: Connecting Legs to Gearmotor

  • Use an electrical terminal connector to connect crankshaft to gearmotor
  • Connect tail base to bike spokes and Screw it
  • Dont screw crackshaft to tail base

Step 11: Wiring

  • Fix battery holder on tail base with glue
  • Wiring battery holder, gearmotor and switch as shown
  • If you want bi-directional movement, you can use a 3 position switch with 6 pins instead of on/off switch.

Bi-directional wiring:

  • Connect pin 1 to pin 6
  • Connect pin 2 to pin 5
  • Connect pin 1 to battery (+)
  • Connect pin 2 to battery (-)
  • Connect pin 3 and 4 to gearmotor

Video Link

Step 12: The Auxiliary Legs

If batteries and gearmotor is too heavy, you can use 4 hard wires for auxiliary legs.

These legs are used for better movement and balancing

Step 13: Finish Off

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