Introduction: Roboking R6170LVM Side Brush Tweak / Repair

Hi guys,

Brush's broken? Wearing out? tangling? eating mats? SOLUTION!

What you will need:

New bush's *my box came with a set of spares*
Heat shrink (jaycar or an electrical wholesale outlet)
a flame source, i used a lighter but be careful.

So lets follow the steps (excuse my brevity, First time doing one of these!)

Step 1: Take Brushs Off

I did not take a picture of this but its simple, grab out your handy Phillips head screwdriver.

Tip your robot upside down, on a towel if you do not want to scratch it.

On the side brushs (2 of them) there is a single phillips screw in the centre of each, Undo these anti-clockwise.

you will end up with this x 2 possibly not this ruined.

Step 2: Start By

NOTE in my vacuum box it came with a set of spares, I applied this fix to the spares so i was starting with a fresh full bristled head.

Glue the base of the bristles that come from the plastic "wheel" with your favourite superglue, I used one with a brush so that i can easily place it onto the bristles and base.

let the glue set.

Step 3: Cut Down Heatshrink

I cut down my heatshrink to be roughly half the length of the bristles, allowing them to flex but to be a lot less likely of them tangling and getting caught on each other, the motor, the wheels, the brush or any carpet.

once cut, fit these over the bristles, make sure to get all the bristles in without kinking them.

once done, you can do one at a time, but i fitted all three pieces of heat shrink on and then heated each one up.

BEWARE make sure you do not go to close to the bristles with the flame, the bristles will contract curl and go stupid if not burn off, i accidentally done this once. but did not take a pic.

it should look like this.

Step 4: Once Cooled

Once this was done, I applied another liberal coat of super glue to the edges of the heatshrink so at the wheel end aswell as the beginning of the bristles, just to keep them together. 

The whole aim of this process was to protect them from coming up, tangling and from getting twisted and curled.

You are now done. Re fit these with the reverse order of page 1 and you will be set :)

happy not vacuuming ;)

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