Introduction: Robotic Arm With Tynkercad

This is an instructable for make a robotic arm in tynkercad

Step 1: Base

Get a cylindere and make it 5.64 height and 34.00 width.

Step 2: The Mast

Now get another cylinder that it is 82.00 Height and 13.00 width.

Step 3: Conector and Articulation

Go to the shape display and chose connectors after get the angaled ball and put it on top of the cylinder then retur to the basic shapes and in the space of the angalled ball put a little cylinder that the width is of 4.00 and the height it's of 3.00

now put another cylinder on top of the little one, width:11.00 Height:36.70.

Step 4: Hands

Get triangular roof and putit on the cylinder the height it's of 23.45 and 19.45 width.

Now draw with the scrible something like the photo. and then do copy and paste 3 times after put them on the roof.

Step 5: Power Electricity

Now we have left the battery its very easy to do.

First get a cube and make it 11.00 height and 36.00 width when you finish with that use the scrible to make the cable.

how to make the cable: draw a S in the scrible and then draw another on top like the photo.

After that you are FINISHED

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